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Prof. Ladson Hinton


Prof. Ladson Hinton (PI)

Dr. Hinton is a clinician-scientist with formal research training in both medical anthropology and health services research who has conducted interdisciplinary research (both observational and interventions) with a major focus on family caregiving, dementia, and diverse and vulnerable populations over the past 25 years. From 2014-16, he was a member of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine ad hoc Committee on Family Caregiving (Report title: Families Caring for an Aging America) and from 2005 to 2016 served as Education Core leader for the UC Davis Alzheimer’s disease center. Over the past 5 years with support from NIA and Fogarty (R21, Adapting and Testing an Alzheimer’s Family Caregiver Intervention in Vietnam; R01, Advancing Alzheimer’s Family Caregiving Interventions and Research Capacity in Vietnam), he has conducted research and capacity building in Vietnam. He also participates in other global health projects, including serving as a Co-I on a grant to develop a national Alzheimer’s plan for Vietnam (funded by the Australian and Vietnamese governments) and as Co-I on a NIMH funded grant to culturally adapt and test a novel implementation strategy to support persons with dementia in Thailand. He is also involved in projects in the US to advance dementia care and services for diverse and underserved populations as a member of the health equity team for the NIA IMPACT Collaboratory and as Co-I on two NIA funded projects focused on ADRD in Vietnamese populations in the US.

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